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Providing quality legal representation to individuals and small businesses at a price you can afford. At AMR law firm we believe in working with our clients to make sure they can get the legal representation they need.
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Our Areas of Practice

Foreclosure - Tampa, FL - AMR Law Firm
If you are overburdened with a hefty mortgage, credit card debt, car loans, or old judgments and simply cannot get back on your feet, Bankruptcy may be the solution…
Small Business law - Tampa, FL - AMR Law Firm
Although Florida law does not require purchasers of real property to use an attorney, having an attorney to review binding documents and the history of the property can save you time and money…
Foreclosure - Tampa, FL - AMR Law Firm
If you are past due on your home mortgage and facing foreclosure or if foreclosure proceedings have already commenced against you, I can help. Sometimes, even strategically allowing your property to go into foreclosure is the best option…
Small Business law - Tampa, FL - AMR Law Firm
There are many tasks involved with starting and operating a small business that are best handled by an attorney. This includes incorporating or forming a partnership or LLC, drawing up contracts, and representing your business in litigation…