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AMR Law Firm takes pride in providing legal representation to individuals and small businesses at an affordable price. Our office can assist with any civil legal matter; however, we specialize in practicing in the following areas of law.


If you are burdened with a large mortgage payment, credit card debt, car loans, old judgements, or past due income tax payments, and simply cannot get back on your feet, Bankruptcy may be the solution. Bankruptcy allows you to eliminate unsecured debt, such as credit cards, medical bills, judgments, personal loans and some income taxes, and in some circumstances, can reduce what you owe on mortgages and auto loans. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is for individuals with lower income and no assets.
If you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, debt can be eliminated without any payments. Chapter 13 may be your only choice if you have the income to repay your debts after all of your reasonable and necessary living expenses are paid, or you have significant assets. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you eliminate your debt through the payment of a small monthly fee. Contact us to discuss how Bankruptcy can get you out of debt and back on your feet.

Real Estate Representation

While not required by Florida State law, having an attorney to review binding documents and the history of the property can save you time and money. It is beneficial to have an attorney assist in the contract stage of the transaction as legal issues may arise or terms of the contract may require clarification or revision.
We can also do a thorough review of the property's title and make certain you know what you are buying and that there are not any significant title issues that may cost you money in the future. If you plan to bid on a property through an auction site, we can determine what liens are satisfied with purchase and whether there are any blemishes to the title that should be resolved prior to bidding.

Foreclosures and Short Sales

If you are past due on your home mortgage and facing foreclosure or if foreclosure proceedings have already commenced against you, AMR Law Firm can help! The homeowner has several opportunities to save the home during the foreclosure process. However, it is imperative that you have legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected. If the homeowner decides to relinquish the property, this can be done through certain settlement agreements or even through a short sale. A short sale is the sale of property or real estate in which the proceeds from selling do not cover the balance of debts owed to the lender. Often short sales are an excellent strategy to avoid foreclosure, as long as it is done properly by a qualified attorney. A short sale can be an alternative to falling into default on a mortgage. AMR Law Firm has experience in helping with short sales and can successfully prevent the lender from pursuing a deficiency against the homeowner.

Small Business Representation

Starting and operating a small business can be daunting. Having an attorney can help take away stress and ensure the many tasks at hand are handled properly. We at AMR Law Firm will focus on the legal needs and goals of small business owners and their families, and will continue to work with you as those needs change. We can assist small business owners with selecting and filing their business entity, draft agreements and contracts for employees, customers, and business partners, assist with any business disputes that may arise, and even help the owners sell the business or wind down operations.

Here at AMR Law Firm, we strongly believe that providing quality legal services at a fair price is what the practice of law should be about.